INTERIOR windows

  • Shoe covers are always worn inside.
  • We start by cleaning the window using a commercial biodegradable soap that contains no ammonia.
  • Non-scratch rubber squeegees are then used to clear all the soapy water in its path.
  • Window edges are wiped with lint-free towels to ensure a spotless view.

EXTERIOR windows

  • The window exterior is cleaned using our 5-stage de-ionized water filtration system.
  • De-ionized water, also known as purified water, is water that has had all of its mineral ions removed.
  • Since no mineral ions are left, the window we be completely spot-free once the de-ionized water dries.
  • Pets and plants are perfectly safe around de-ionized water since no chemicals were used in the filtration process.
  • Our rain-free guarantee assures customers that we will come out and touch up the affected windows for no additional fee (within seven days of the window cleaning service).


  • Screens are carefully removed from the window frame.
  • The screens are cleaned using a vertical screen washer which uses sturdy bristles and water jets.
  • This cleaning system allows the mesh and frame to be cleaned without using any soaps or chemicals.
  • The screens will be let out to dry at an angle for 30 minutes to 1 hour, this ensures that all the residual water exits the screen.

tracks & sills

  • We begin by using a handheld vacuum to get rid of any dirt & debris affecting the window track.
  • Once the interior window cleaning process is complete, the tracks and sills are wiped down with a clean towel.